Endo Journey Part 1

Imagine… a newly wedded couple that has already had their fair share of up’s and downs, in’s and out’s, yet ready to start adding to the family with little pink feet discover another challenge… ENDOMETRIOSIS!!! One year of marriage without any success of a pregnancy we were advised to go to a specialist, had scans done and the first thing the doctor discovered was my PCOS short for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome some sort of hormone Imbalance and was told that I would need surgery for the doctor to check my fallopian tubes and check for Endo. 3 Months later I was set for the surgery. I had a totally of 2 weeks to recover and the doctored confirmed my fear that I was a sufferer.
I had to do treatments like hormone medication and month to month scheduled time with my husband and still no baby. I was devastated but what could I do but to remain strong. Our doctor then said we should try the next set of treatments and that would be an IUI after 4 failed IUI I spoke to my husband and decided to give my body a rest…
Or so I though… Read my next blog to find out if the next year was any better without any medication.


And because this isn’t the last …


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Endo Journey Part 3


So here I am preparing for yet another Operation tomorrow… another Laparoscopy and I’m not going to lie I’m so scared not for the recovery because that’s the part I can deal with, it’s the whole operation thing… the idea of laying on that operating table waiting for the doctors to start putting me to sleep so that they can cut into me. I keep telling myself that God is with me and that I’ll get through this better than ever and that I’ll be okay but there is a little voice in my head telling me that I still have to go through it again.

It seems so easy from the outside but never in a million years did I think I’d preparing myself for my third operation in only 3 years every year since my husband and I have been married did I have an operation and it sucks big time. The upside to all this is that I have found a true gem… My Husband is one AWESOME GUY that sticks by me patiently assists me to and from the hospital takes good care of me everyday sick or not and I can definitely rely on him no matter what.

My nerves seem to be on some sort of freak ride at the moment though with one minute I’m all calm and ready and the next I’m all over the place. If you’ve gone through this you will know the life of an Endo Warrior is tough we have to endure so much and still be happy and just try to be brave all the time… well it’s Battle Day for me tomorrow and I have to put on my Armor and deal with it with Faith and Prayer all the way.

See you soon


EndoJourney part 2

So its the new year 2016 and I’m full of posivity not on the meds anymore and just trying to get my love life back on track with my husband add the whole idea of scheduled times took a serious strain on our relationship. After months of getting into just living life again the 31st of October I experience extrem pain and had to go to hospital my appendix jag to be removed but it wasn’t just that my endometriosis flares up to so the doctors had to make a decision.

They ended up draining my ovaries and removing what they could see. . . what an ordeal. Throughout all this my husband the star that he is liked after me the whole time made sure I was comfortable and well fed to. 😍

Stay tuned for the next and present moment of my EndoJourney 

See you soon


The Beginning

So I’m finally married wouldn’t have dreamed it growing up, never thought I’d be worthy, turns out I am to a very special guy! It wasn’t easy but we finally here and showed everyone who didn’t believe in us that we can and will make it!

The first awful encounter after our wedding was probably on our honeymoon his kids finding out. We planned on telling them but things doesn’t always turn out the way u planned. Yes I guess u probably thinking I’m such a bad person, and u entitled to… However he was a divorced man and he tried all avenues within his marriage before letting go and meeting me. We wanted to take it slow with his kids and it kinder back fired in our faces! I suddenly realized that I have a Husband to protect!!!

Newly Wed!!!


The moment it takes your breathe away.

The moment it takes your breath away.

Its been 4 months and 4 days now and already we’ve had our ups and downs… up’s being getting our first home as a married couple and our first pet dog together and downs have huge arguments and walking out furious with each other. I’ve always thought marriage was this magic bubble that you step into and you and your partner are not allowed to argue in it and if you do then divorce is the only option. HOW WRONG WAS I. Yes the wedding is the easy part of the whole journey and with me saying that means a lot as I hardly had an easy time with the preparations nor the support from people I though would be there for me. However to me and my husband that was the easy part… and our journey as only begun. I’ll be sharing my life as a newly married women on my blog, about our new adventures as a couple and share my life story with you all… whoever may be reading this 🙂